Elder Brother was back From Thailand

[Monday, 10 May, 2010]

On Monday, my elder brother finally returned to Singapore from his Thailand trip. I was not sure if my mum was aware of the messy situations at Thailand but I was sure that she was very pleased since she had started waiting since before midnight and she came home from work earlier.

I was the happiest man after all because of the laptop backpack he and his girlfriend bought for me at Thailand. It was a nicely designed black colour compact bag and I would say that was the best bag I had ever owned even though I had not brought it out.

In the day, I started gearing up for another fleet of Facebook marketing. I would probably gather more arms first before striking. I started tidying up my blogs. Some alignment problems cracked my brain badly and finally I realised it was due to the size of embedded Youtube video.

It was an extremely boring day.

I went for a jog before midnight and was quite satisfied that my timing had improved by half a minute but the lower back was giving me some slight problems during the jog.


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