Facebook is a Time-bomb

Facebook has shrunk the world more than what the invention of internet has done.

At first, emails, newsgroups and IRC (internet relay chat) made information sharing fast and easy enough such that human beings were amazed and impressed.

When Facebook comes into action, it starts to attract users to an extent that most internet users own an account and many cannot miss logging into the social networking site at least once a day. Great amount of personal information and whereabouts is being released every moment. Some users even update their statuses before they go to the washroom.

You do not even need to click on anything to view your friends’ latest statuses. Facebook’s Ajax feature helps to insert latest data from the database into the home page. Facebook has helped to link up everyone from every part of the world (probably not so much of China residents though) that has internet access.

Great things do come with negative impacts sometimes. Users join random groups and pages created to raise awareness or vent anger, creating a stir. Many groups are created for good purposes, such as quit smoking and saving the ozone layer, but some are just some wrong assumptions that many users are influenced and thus joined.

“my school cares more about my appearance, than my education”

Many students are unaware of the importance of their appearance and many hope to detach that from their education. They do not see the overall picture. They are expecting more from others and also things to work in their own ways, in this case, they want school to provide education in their own ways too. One day, they would even expect themselves to take over the principal or the ministry’s positions.

The educational systems in the entire the world are facing a great challenge.


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