Great Family Day at Queensway and Chinatown

[Saturday, 1 May, 2010]

I tried to sort out the photos taken during the camp but got too tired and I gave up after 2am upon finishing my blogging.

It was a long sleep and I woke up at 1pm. before I could do much work, my elder brother suggested to go to Anchor Point with his girlfriend. We went to the Hong Kong Café while waiting for my mum to come. Then, we changed our minds and decided to dine at IKEA instead. It was a good meal.

My brother went to the pet shop nearby to get the birds’ food while the three of us walked around to wait for him. I saw my favourite chairs but did not get any of them for I was not sure if the price was worth it a not. We went back to Anchor Point where we got cheap yoga before moving to Chinatown.

We went to see the chair my brother recommended but the backrest was simply strings which I did not like even though it had the hollowness in between for air ventilation. Even though it had wheels, which the ones I saw in IKEA did not have, I thought I would need a good back support as well.

We went shopping for a while at the CK departmental store before we went to Chinatown Complex to get some fruit juice and also satays despite I was feeling bad on my throat. It was quite a good family even though I had missed out a lot of work.


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