No more Multiple Webcam Chatting in MSN (Windows Live Messenger)

For users with webcam experience using MSN, you should know the difference between Video Call and Webcam. Basically, Video Call is webcam chat with voice and both parties must own a physical webcam each in order to initialise the Video Call. The problem with Video Call is that it requires much more bandwidth and once the Video Call is on, you cannot make another Video Call or the soundless Webcam to another friend. Whereas, if you are using Webcam, you can broadcast your video feed to more than one friend at one time.

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Below is my reply to the Windows Blog:

I installed MSN Plus! and after a few days, I tried to webcam with my friend and realised the “show my webcam” function was gone. I thought it was the third party software that caused the problem and thus I uninstalled it. I did numerous re-installation of WLM, with and without deleting its data folders in the system’s drive. I wasted half a day before I found out about the removal of the feature because I never expected MS would downgrade its product. I’m sure many others have and are going to waste their time “debugging” their WLM before they come across this website.

The main issues of not having the webcam feature are:
– Sometimes the users need to webcam with more than one friend instantly
– Some users’ internet connection is not suitable for Video Chat, and at the worst scenario which I had experienced before, my friend could not even connect to Video Chat.

The video chat quality is more than good enough for now and I don’t think the priority should be upgrading it, or at least, not at the expense of throwing away the webcam feature. I don’t think MS would take into consideration of the complicating coding for having both webcam and video chat functions since the programmers should be some of the best in the world. Regarding end-users mixing up video chat and webcam, I’m sure the smart team can solve it by re-designing the interface instead of removing the webcam feature. Maybe there can be a dropdown with radio button or simply another icon besides the webcam icon to choose whether you want to the webcam chat with (video chat) or without sound.

We really need the webcam feature back. Dear team, I’m sure you guys can do wonders even if you put back the webcam feature.


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