Physical Training and Volleyball

[Thursday, 13 May, 2010]

I went down to Tze Khit’s gym and he started teaching me how to work out my upper body. To me, I was satisfied with my current size even though many people were saying that I looked underweight, and therefore, I was not very keen in it. However, Tze Khit showed excellent professionalism even though we were such good friends and thus, I was serious during the training as well.

After working out, we went to the Tanjong Pagar food centre for dinner. I did not realise I could finish the entire plate of duck rice when I was already bloated with the very late lunch. Then, I took his van to ITE Clementi. Throughout the day since I woke up, I was flooded with the hesitant to go down.

It was good to see familiar faces inside the MPH. I did not expect one of the cute year one girls to join floorball and thus I got to see her after their briefing.

My presence was nothing new but I felt weird still. The grouping did me good though I did not have many chances to perform. In fact, I could not even lift my hands straight up after the gym and my entire body was weak.

It was sweet to receive goodnight SMS!

After the late game, I took Tze Khit’s van again and together with Kachua, Andy, Wilson, Ah Teck, Kok Chiang and his girlfriend, we left for Newton Circle. I was shocked after my first inspection on the inner stalls for most of them were selling seafood. I did not find any western food stall and I ended up buying a plate of chicken rice from the only stall. I was stunned by myself once again for I could finish up the entire big plate of food.


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