Project BOE (Birds on Estacy) – Green Parrot Escaped

[Friday, 21 May, 2010]

Before my mum went to sleep, she placed her passport on the table and asked me to help her fill up the declaration card for visiting Malaysia.

My butts started aching after the previous night’s gym. I continued with my work after clearing up my email. My mum returned in the afternoon and told me to help her friend to fill up the declaration card as well.

While continuing with my work alone in the house, I turned to the kitchen and saw the yellow parrot in an unusual view for it seemed to appear clearer. After a while, I sensed something was wrong and walked to the kitchen to my most astonishing moment of the year that the yellow parrot was clinging at the outside of the cage while the green parrot flew out from the bathroom.

I quickly checked the windows of the bathroom and toilets to make sure they were closed. The green bird flew into the living room and I proceeded to close the windows in the kitchen and by then, the green bird was at the door and soon, disappeared.

I did not know how the birds managed to escape from the cage and thus I simply closed the door between the kitchen and living room to keep the yellow bird inside the kitchen. I quickly went up and down two storeys to search for the stupid green parrot but it was not around. My mum returned home to get ready for her Johor trip and when I opened the kitchen’s door, I was amazed that the yellow parrot had gone back into the cage by herself. My mum could easily find the hole that was meant for the food container, which my brother did not secure properly after removing the container.

I crossed over to the opposite block and tried to look over for the parrot’s movement but I could not see anything. I returned and went to the top storey of my block, and walked down the stairs to every storey in my muscle aching legs but my effort was reward-less.

The green parrot could have flown into other people’s house and the greedy new owner would never expect that it would peck on human beings, including my elder brother. In another scenario, it would be attacked by other birds in my neighbourhood.

I finally had a game of Command and Conquer ever since before my elder brother’s Thailand trip, but I played it alone to release stress. Soon, my mum called and told me that she had changed her plan and would stay overnight at Johor.

My dinner and supper included a bowl instant noodle, followed by a cup of Vitagen, an ice-cream stick, the leftover breads that my mum forgot to eat and cereal.


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