Resuming My Directory Project

[Tuesday, 18 May, 2010]

I was extremely pissed off by myself when I failed to doze off after midnight. I got up near 2am in order not to waste time tossing around, and eventually I resumed my work on the new website – a directory.

I started drafting a new layout for it to enhance the navigation.

In the afternoon, I continued with my work after I got up. I put the new design into HTML and I was quite impressed with the product after spending hours on it.

My mind was clearer than when I first designed the site and I could focus things better. Probably, I owed it to my ex polytechnic buddy, Yaozhong, for making me recap on the importance of it.

Next, I continued with the scripting.

Compared to the past few weeks when I was badly tortured by the thoughts of searching for a job, I was much more productive by setting it aside for a while and started doing what I was best at. It was programming that had killed the loneliness within me when nobody could afford time for me.


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