Second Gym Session with Tze Khit

[Thursday, 20 May, 2010]

My toilet bowl got into worse condition and the water refused to subside.

In the afternoon, I was too engrossed in my programming that I went to Tze Khit’s gym late. I continued my work while watching him trained his client and I was again impressed by his professionalism. He made efforts in his work. After that, he decided to go home to change his phone as his new iPhone died on him. I made my way home for dinner and he told me he would take around an hour.

After finishing my dinner, my mum went to the corridor and stood there for quite some time. I noticed something was wrong and went out to talk to her. She was very unhappy because of her ungrateful boss’ nonsense and he was very troubled by the toilet bowl as well. I stood beside her for some time before managing to get her in to rest by lying that the inconsiderate smoker was smoking again. After the plumper arrived, Tze Khit gave me a call and I went down to meet him up.

After getting a packet of dinner, we went up to the gym and he started teaching me basic warm-up methods. However, I was very distracted with my phone. The pub’s owner below the gym had invited him and his friends down for the last night before they winded up the business there. I did not want to join them for I was never interested in pubbing and especially at indecent ones where the girls would take advantages of male customers. I waited for Bobby to arrive and left for home.


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