Sunday at Marina Square

[Sunday, 23 May, 2010]

On Sunday, I was woke up by my brother’s girlfriend. They wanted to go for brunch at Marina Square. We went to Just Acia and I ordered fish and chips. It was more like the mixed vegetable rice’s fish cut into small slices with the fries. Nevertheless, the free flow of ice-cream and drinks was the greatest attraction.

After the meal, we went to John Little’s and I got myself a short. Then, we went to the soft toy catching machines to feel the excitement of others dumping their coins into the machines wastefully. It was a good place for girls-watching. My brother’s girlfriend gave a tried on one of the machines and she got herself a Pooh Bear tissue box. It was a good try for a dollar.

After going home and resting for a while, my mum returned home and we set off to the Maxwell Market at around 8pm. I got my mum her fish soup mee hoon before going to get my cheap and okay tasting noodle at the usual stall but it was sold out. After walking around the pathetic place with most of the stalls already closed, I got myself a plate of wantan mee at the stall behind. The place was somehow good for girls-watching as well.

Somehow, I was bothered for the entire day.


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