Sunday Chatting

[Sunday, 2 May, 2010]

I was almost ready to upload the photos taken during the camp but my elder brother suggested to go to Maxwell Food Centre for lunch. My mum was at my aunt’s place and thus only the three of us went. I took the fishball noodle and it was very filling after taking a bun before we set off.

A new student added me in Facebook and she was very chatty while I was lazing around in the warm weather, lying on the bed at intervals. I got to chat with Evangeline, one of my favourite OGLs, and I hardly could do any work for the day.

At night, my brother and I went down to get food from the Burger King at Amara hotel. The new meal was at a reasonable price. We ordered three sets which the four of us shared and it was a great dinner except that I knew my throat would not be able to take it anymore.


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