The Two Weeks were so Tempting

[Wednesday, 5 May, 2010]

I began the first second of the day at Hirman’s place. We went through the camp’s photos together in his slow running ITE laptop after he finished doing some work.

I had my laptop with me and I spent the time updating my blog while chatting with Caiping over the webcam. My battery died on me finally before 2am, just after I finished two blog entries. I had a hard time sleeping besides the snoring man with the weird Mitsubishi air-conditioner that seemed to work like an old dying man. Hirman woke up a few times as well. It took me some tries to find out how to operate it and then dozing off after 3am.

I woke Hirman up at 6.30am. He washed up and prepared his clothes fast to set off and I was quite stunned by his speed; I usually woke up to laze around on the bed. He sent me to my place before he went to work. At the beginning of the journey, I saw very great scenery of the morning sky opposite the SAF Ferry Terminal.

The first thing I did when I reached home was to set up my laptop. Sharon called me at around 9am to request me to go back to ITE to take over William Tan for two weeks as he was going for reservist. I was quite tempted and was distracted over it for the entire day. It was a very good chance to interrupt with the cute year one students and I could really try to do something to change some of their lives like what Hirman had been doing. I sought advices from many people and the last reason to decline the offer was my initial hesitation.


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