Visiting ITE and Collecting my Degree Certificate

[Thursday, 6 May, 2010]

I tried my best to sleep early at 2am since I wanted to get up early to get my certification at SIM in the early morning before going back to ITE for visiting. As usual, it took me quite some time to doze off. My brother and his girlfriend left for Thailand in the midst of my sleep.

Having a second thought I decided to go to ITE first since I wanted to get my ex-colleagues the famous muffin from the shop downstairs my place and it would be too heavy to carry all the way to SIM. I got twenty-four pieces of them to make the journey was tougher with the loads. My mum had also surprised me with breakfast.

I went to find Mr Peh but he was not around. I met Diana just when I got up to the third level to brighten up my day. Then, I went into the almost empty staff room. I had a chat with Joy and Hirman came back after some time. I was commented as weird since I had not gotten myself a job and yet I spent money to buy muffins for them – I somehow had the same question in my mind. After passing the muffins to them, I quickly went down to meet up with Evangeline but she had already finished her lunch. I got her to return my grass jelly drinks and I was so proud and showed it off to all the passers-by. It was not about it being free. I rejected Joy, Weitat and Afni’s lunch invitation while Hirman was already at the “duck place” waiting for us.

After Evangeline and all her classmates went for class, I went to the lab with Jonathan for a while before we went to the staff room. After some chitchatting around, I went to Hirman’s desk to get Iylia’s photos so that I could pass to Lijun. Then, I took quite very long to burn the old photos for Hirman while chatting with Diana. In the end, somehow the disc was spoiled.

I borrowed Joei’s external harddisk and transferred the photos into it. I went to the administration office with Joy to settle her student’s bursary stuff and before going to find Weitat. Then, I returned Joei the money for Magdalene’s birthday before joining Hirman at the iDelite Mastery room.

I was totally impressed with Hirman for he did recording impressively for his lessons for the next week as he was going for reservist. He was the most inspiring lecturer I had ever met and the greatest gain of my stay in ITE was to get to know him. If only I had gotten into close contact with him two years ago, I could have changed more students’ mindsets to inspire them more. Now that I would only hope that I could be inspired by his drive more with all interaction whenever available in all the meet-up.

He was almost ruined after preparing a few lessons and we knocked off. I took all the stuffs to his car as he went up to return the keys. Later, Grace, Cynthia and Joei came down together with Hirman and he sent them to the carpark near MRT station before going to SIM to collect my certificate.

Instead of making a U-turn, we took Bukit Timah Road and it was a regret for we made a wrong turn near Steven Road later to go to Orchard Road and passed by two ERPs in the jam. It was a good chance to chat with him and the companion was the main thing, not the convenience. He dropped me opposite Raffles City. Instead of taking bus 167 at the bus-stop nearby or train at Cityhall MRT, I walked over to take bus 145.


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