Weitat’s Advance Birthday Celebration

[Tuesday, 4 May, 2010]

I slept after 4am again but this time, I woke up much earlier at 10am, feeling that I should be doing something worthy instead of slogging endlessly over my websites with little progress. However, I dozed off again before I could do much work.

Gilbert’s sudden SMS to inform me that he would pick up his camera from me in the evening was a challenge to me since my ex colleagues and I were going to celebrate Weitat’s birthday in advance. I quickly called him and he told me he did not take MC again despite he was still sick.

Jenne called me in the late afternoon to tell me that she would be going to town from Choa Chu Kang and arranged to pick me up. We decided to buy Weitat’s cake at Amara Hotel. I quickly took my shower and also burned the photos taken during the orientation camp into a CD for Hirman before I set off to meet Gilbert at the entrance of South Point. We were chitchatting away happily until Jenne rang me up and I rushed off to the Amara Hotel to meet her. We chose a chocolate cake and the lady told us we had to wait. We burst into laughers in amazement when she answered us that we had to wait for simply ten minutes.

After getting the cake, we went straight to the Wine Company besides the old NIE. Hirman was sitting alone and he had already finished his dinner with a glass of red wine on the table. The DSLR camera he placed on the table captured my interest. Both of them thought I would be able to operate it easily, however, I was in fact a newbie to expensive gadgets. I ordered a plate of fish and chips and the serving took more than forty-five minutes to come, inclusive of a reminder. Sadly, it did not taste good. The chicken wings were quite well done though and the Champaign was awesome.

Weitat, Joei and Magdalene arrived after 7pm. The last to reach was Zaki. By then, I already had a better understanding of Hirman’s five-years-old DSLR camera, given by his friend. It was a very cosy night except that mosquitoes were having a big feast as well. On the other hand, both Hirman and I seemed to be completely safe. The hottest topic was the student being possessed and all the horror stories disturbed Hirman badly. It was a fantastic dinner with the few of my greatest pals.

Hirman sent me home. I quickly got changed and grabbed my laptop before joining him at the carpark. Then, we started the long journey to his temporary rented place at Changi Village. It would be my greatest regret if I had rejected his invitation for it was a cool Terrance house owned by LTA. There were a small living room, a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom, and it was as good as a chalet. The only problem was that there was no television and I had to give my favourite show on channel U a miss.

In fact, I was quite worried about my mum since my younger brother was already not at home and my presence at home would be more comforting.


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