Who has Deleted you from their MSN List?

When I begin to realise that more people do not have me in their MSN contact list anymore, I start to wonder if there is any problem with MSN’s server.

You can configure your MSN to such that only people on your Allow List can see your status and send you messages, but I suppose many people uncheck that option so that it seems normal to their removed friends. They will not see the deleted friend but they can still be seen online.

Some people are close friends while some have just added me days ago; a couple of them still reply me when I message them. Apart from those friends I have made through social networking sites, I do not see the reason why would friends delete me just away just because we have not chatted for a few days or weeks.

I would not mind clearing my list but I’m feeling so puzzled whether the MSN server is working perfectly fine for I do not wish to delete any friend who has not done anything.


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