Website Madness and Facebook Marketing

[Wednesday, 30 June, 2010]

I could not stop updating There were too many things I wanted to add in but I was never at my full efficiency to hit them with the frequent random thoughts of ideas for other projects. A jobless person with his mind full of only non money making stuffs was probably insane. I hated myself but I could not control myself. I slept after 7am.

In the afternoon, I saw disappointments after logging into the internet. Facebook disabled administrators of the pages from creating new status post after twenty thousand fans were hit. It was crap and would only lead to people deserting the page without the frequent updates.

A call from the polyclinic for my mum quite worried me for they wanted her to go down to talk about her blood test results. It had happened quite a few times before but luckily there was no major problem.

I went down to the third level with my mum to pick the design for the interior of HDB upgrades. After which, I went straight to the gym to help them to take care of it for a while as they needed to leave for some stuffs.

I concluded that the gym was never a good place to do my work at. It was not the noise or people walking around, but the viewing at my work and borrowing of the laptop. Internet access was limited at times since they insisted that the router made connection speed slow.

I joined Shaohui and Junzhe in their workout. The continuous second day of gym made me weaker. By the end of it, I was exhausted.


New Supporter Picture for SmokeForWhat

[Tuesday, 29 June, 2010]

I spent quite some time blogging before resuming my work for I slept at around 7am.

Ideas flashed through my mind in the afternoon and it worsened the conflicts in my mind. I wanted to do too many things but I could never find the time to accomplish them.

I went to the gym in the late afternoon because I did not want to disappoint Tze Khit. I started my workout together with Letian.

It was quite a rewarding night for Huiting sent me her picture in support of


Busy Day turned Boring

[Monday, 28 June, 2010]

The copyrighting of the FAQ page for was done and it took longer than anyone could expect to put them nicely in place with all the keywords highlighted or hyperlinked.

I got so excited with the basic layout of up and I pushed the files to live immediately without testing it using other browsers, especially Internet Explorer.

Vanessa was the first person to test the live site after the changes and it looked totally disastrous in her Mac’s Safari. It reminded me of my mistake of not testing it in other browsers before uploading the files. I got her to do a refresh of the browser and it helped, and everything appeared as designed in Safari.

However, when I tested the site using Internet Explorer, the new implemented dropdown menu’s alignment went berserk. At 3am, it was the most horrifying thing to happen to a live site. Internet Explorer was a problematic internet browser for it did not strictly follow the W3C rules and thus, some pages might appear differently; and it came free with all Windows installation.

Luckily, I managed to fix, or rather, recode the dropdown menu within the next hour, such that it looked perfect for all browsers.

It was another day which I bathed really late.

I was woke up by shifu’s SMS but I went back to sleep at around noon. It was supposed to be an eventful day for Meihoe had organised badminton game in the new ITE CCK campus, which I was very excited in for I did not get to see the sports hall previously. However, she did not reply my SMS to confirm the game and Weitat told me that he did not see her for the entire day. I decided not to risk making a wasted trip down.

It was also Wanling’s off day and we were supposed to go out in the morning but she told me on Sunday that she had to accompany her mum for medical checkup in the early afternoon. After dropping her a message in the late afternoon, she replied that she could not make it anymore.

I spent quite some time on blogging and also playing with the yellow bird that my mum released from the cage.

It was a very slacking day for me after putting up the new design for My effort in getting original pictures for the site to spice the boring words up went in vain.


Boring Sunday with My Website

[Sunday, 27 June, 2010]

I was crazy that I did not stop working until daylight. I took an early bath before going to sleep.

Nothing special happened for the day. I was busy indulging in my world of web design but things were at a slow pace.

It was only after 4pm, my brother asked me if I had taken any food and I realised my mum had cooked mee hoon. There was also a kind of weird dessert, which my brother called “corn sua” since my mum had replaced the usual yellow bean with corn instead for the “dao sua”.

My brother bought ingredients for the dinner but I was not a fish-lover.


SmokeForWhat Remake

[Saturday, 26 June, 2010]

I basically spent my entire Saturday working on the new design of after scribbling the layout on my recycled paper days ago. It was nothing fantastic but the new design was more formal compared to the draft design I did on the live site.

I was lack of images that owners would not forbid me from using due to copyright problem. Although it was a non-profit site and such issue could be more relaxed but I did not want to create issues in future.

I was very surprised when dear chio Vanessa hit me up in MSN to tell me about her recent impression on a website that reminded her of It was so coincident that I was sticking my butts on the bed for the entire day to do something about it and she came to tell me to do it as well.

I was too focused on my work to do anything else. The greatest problem was the dropdown menu, which I had not touched for long. I basically used the same technique as my personal website to do it.

Nevertheless, it was a better web design experience this time when I was not totally alone.

Dinner was KFC.

. – New Design

I had uploaded the files for the new design of in the morning, as early as 3+am when most people were still asleep.

The previous design was more of a draft work to get my features up during the development. For as hard as I had been telling myself to come up with a more formal design that would draw attentions of the younger generation, I finally did it.

What I was lacking of were original pictures and more contents. Obviously it was not advisable to talk to Google and strip down all the nice pictures in case of copyright issue. I had to go around asking for help and the response was not really good, or rather, nobody really bothered.

JavaScript to PHP

[Friday, 25 June, 2010]

There was no achievement for the slacking day except for a successful change of coding from JavaScript to PHP for the updates part of my website.

Since years ago, I scripted it in a way such that it was easy to update without using database. However, it was not ideal for search engine optimization for the bots probably could not read the coding well.

Using the same technique for PHP, bots could crawl through the site and grab all the information.

However, the greatest problem now was that I had to integrate the coding into Blogger for my blog and since it did not support PHP coding, I could not change the other parts.


Photography with Hot Babe and Hunk

[Thursday, 24 June, 2010]

The updating of blogs took me hours and by the time my sleep devil stopped refusing me to doze off, it was daylight.

Both my brain and movement were slow in the morning. I was supposed to meet Vanessa at 12.30pm but I was late for around fifteen minutes in my zombie-like pace. Nevertheless, I waited at Boonlay MRT station’s platform for more than half an hour for the hot babe.

We went to Tanjong Pagar market for our lunch. I was glad that she was more than easygoing and she got so excited while eating the famous ice kachang. We went to Tze Khit’s gym and started the photoshooting. I was at a lost since I was a newbie in handling DSLR camera and had never tried focusing on both model and equipments. The three of us managed to get things done eventually.

Le Tian arrived later. The four of us left for Bras Basah to pick up the gym posters and purchase some hard board. After that, we took our early dinner at the foodcourt. Le Tian left to meet his friends at Bugis whereas Vanessa went to Raffles’ City to shop before meeting her friend. I felt bad to let her go alone and having to travel to the west by herself.

I followed Tze Khit back to the gym. Diarrhoea hit on me and I had to wait for some time to do some simple workout.


Visit to ITE Choa Chu Kang

[Wednesday, 23 June, 2010]

My eyes were unusually tired in the morning and I tried to make good use of the opportunity to doze off early. However, I remembered the air-conditioner’s warranty submission was going to be dued, and thus I had to start penning. Mitsubishi was cool for they provided an envelope that said addressee would pay for the stamp fee. However, All Best’s warranty was a postcard that required stamp and I found that troublesome.

After everything was done, I started dozing off but I woke up within less than an hour later. I could not doze off again and thus I joined my brother in the World Cup game of France against South Africa. France was pawned. Though I had no special liking in them, I still felt reluctant for the once champion team to not even get into the top 16.

A bad stomach was one of the main causes that made me unable to doze off.

I made my virgin trip down to ITE Choa Chu Kang. It was a long journey and I hated transiting from the East-West line to North-South line and finally to LRT.

The first thing I looked for was the toilet. After chatting with Mdm Seet for some time, I managed to survive to reach the toilet. After that, I went to find Diana before going down to meet Joy and Weitat at the foodcourt. After walking around the foodcourt and meeting familiar faces, I finally bought a bowl of liang doufu. Diana joined in and later, Juliana came with another section head. Weitat and Joy left and I felt quite awkward sitting down there.

After lunch, I went up and got to see Mei Hoe. She showed me around the campus but since it was raining, we could not get over to the sports complex, which I was most interested in. Magdalene arrived next and I went around with her together with Joei and Weitat. After that, Joei and I sat onto Weitat’s car to lead Magdalene to Yew Tee.

I went off with Mei Hoe to Choa Chu Kang and took our dinner at the coffee shop near the interchange.