A Fresh Start of a Saturday at Zaki’s Place

[Saturday, 5 June, 2010]

It was an unusual morning for it was the second time I stayed over at Zaki’s place. Hirman wanted to watch the Proposal but he knocked out soon. I watched it alone and went to sleep at around 2am.

I woke up at around 7am and was too alive to doze off. I was really amazed how the less than five hours of sleep could make me feel so comfortable and energetic; unlike my long hours of sleep at home.

When Hirman returned to conscious, he suggested watching The Legion but both of us started complaining that it was too slow. We managed to change the disc and started watching another show.

It was near 11am and we made our way out of Zaki’s house since he was going out for brunch with his brother soon. We were directionless in the car but alas Hirman decided to grab some bites near my house. We went to the market and then had coffee at the Spinelli. He was supposed to hear from me about the Life is so Beautiful project but I did not interrupt him from reading the newspaper. His intuition was right and he got a booking for illegal parking in the car park.

We dropped the plan for the afternoon because Hirman was dead beat. I washed up and started knocking off. It was quite a cooling afternoon in the drizzling weather.


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