Discussion of Website Amendment with Tze Khit

[Wednesday, 2 June, 2010]

The day began almost similarly, playing game with my brother. We started downloading and playing non-official maps. However, he had found a new job and we would not be playing so frequently together anymore. I slept at 7am after doing some work.

In the afternoon, I waited for quite long for my mum to return but she called when I was inside the toilet and thus she did not buy my lunch back. I quickly rushed over to Tze Khit’s gym at 3pm and had a delivery order from the Rice Experience stall nearby.

Tze Khit discussed over the changes he wanted to make in his websites together with me. I did not tell him the price because it was difficult to talk about money between good friends. Since he was rushing for an appointment and thus we left together after 5.30pm, after I downloaded all his files from the server. I accompanied him at the market.


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