Finally, Dinner with Miss Beautiful

[Sunday, 13 June, 2010]

I slept after 3am and was woke up by my elder brother and his girlfriend who got home from fishing. It was before 9am and they were speaking loudly in the living room and I could not get back to sleep after that. I gave the hairdresser some calls but she did not pick up and all of them seemed to be diverted to mobile phone. Alas, she called me back and I made an appointment with her at 1pm.

The achievement of the day was to complete a complaint letter regarding dumping of cigarette butts through HDB windows. It was a very long intended work and I was quite surprised that none of my neighbours had spoken up on the inconsiderate act since years ago.

I went to meet Irwin in the mid afternoon at Funnan Centre. After walking around for some time, I finally got myself a new mouse. The brand was Dexs and it was a laser gaming mouse costing around $14. The clicking was good and the shape was just right; I felt the price was worth it. I did not get an expensive mouse since my fingers were probably too strong and I did not want to waste the fund since I would be changing it more often than a normal user would.

Next, we proceeded to Sim Lim Square in Irwin’s brother’s car but we did not get anything. In the end, we went to West Coast Park but it was already quite late and we did not stay there for long before he sent me to Tanjong Pagar MRT. I dozed off a few times on his car and the sleepiness kept me quiet. Irwin was being very sarcastic to me all along since he got to know about my dinner appointment.

In my sleepy head, I went to Tampiness to meet Miss Beautiful. It was a long awaited meal with her. She chose to go to the foodcourt and buy food separately so that I could not give her a treat. It was a pity that it was late and we could not chat for long. Nevertheless, I was too sleepy that I was not as crappy as usual. Even though it was a very long and tiring trip just to have a quick dinner, I did not mind about it.

I cherish friendship more than others, especially when it comes to friendship with people of excellence character. How many friends can make real sacrifice for others in these days?


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