Gym and Poster Submission

[Tuesday, 22 June, 2010]

I caught the World Cup match of Spain against Honduras together with my elder brother. Other than the Brazilians, the Spanish players did well enough to impress me with their skill and teamwork.

I went to the gym in the afternoon and did my workout as to not waste Tze Khit’s effort. I knew he meant well for me to build up myself and also to strength my muscle against my injuries. I knew I would not keep up with it. Ah Hui did well to entertain me with his craps during the gym session.

Nevertheless, the main motive of going down was to show Tze Khit the poster I had done. Therefore, after the workout, I continued with a little amendment before reloading all the files into his laptop so that Bobby could get to see it as well.

After reaching home, I continued to help him to update his websites with his latest photos.


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