Half Awake in the Gym

[Monday, 14 June, 2010]

My initial plan was to visit the TCM at 8am and go to Tze Khit’s gym to continue the work for him before meeting Irwin to work together. I was too tired to drag myself up and thus I gave up visiting the doctor.

I received replies from all the relevant departments regarding the dumping of cigarette butts issue. One of them even told me they had monitored the suspected units but could not find any trace of illegal dumping. I really doubted their commitment since the inconsiderate smoker usually did it after midnight and which government sector would really send their men to monitor it at such hour? The town council men came with letter to urge residents not to commit the crime. I was very impressed with their promptness but the letter was too friendly to scare any unkind smoker off.

Irwin had a sudden change of plan and told me to meet him up in the early afternoon. I went to the Post Office to pay my income tax before going to the gym to get the picture files from Tze Khit so that I could help him to work on the poster. However, when I reached the gym, Irwin changed his plan again and told me that he would contact me later. I continued working on Tze Khit’s websites at the gym in my jeans. I was prepared to get Irwin’s call and thus I did not change into sports gear.

I made a grave mistake when the laptop’s battery died off. As I had placed the adapter into a different compartment in my lively bag, I thought I had forgotten to bring it along. After reaching home, I saw my empty table and the memory flashed through my brain. I went back to continue with the work until nearly 8pm when I finished off the important updates, I went home for dinner. It was a draining afternoon for I hated researching for products, which was in fact beyond my duty.

Then I contacted Irwin but he seemed too busy to meet up.


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