Long Hours of Web Editing at the Gym

[Tuesday, 8 June, 2010]

After having a bad dinner hours ago, my family and I were strike with famine. We decided to go to the Maxwell Food Centre for our supper. It was drizzling but the sky was very stingy with the raindrops.

The first thing that stunned me was a table of guys smoking right in the centre of the food centre. There were rules in the country but how often people tried to defiance broadly? It happened in Chinatown Complex as well. I supposed these inconsiderate law-breakers were thinking policemen would never drop by at the late hour.

I had a plate of noodle while the rest of them shared two bowls of porridge together with some pig’s organs. Before we left, another old man was lighting his stick.

After reaching home, I kept myself awake to type a complain letter to IMM regarding the matter of making go down a waste trip. My persistence to fight against sleeping late had failed again.

In the afternoon, I went to the gym again but I was working on Tze Khit’s websites throughout the day. I joined them in the takeaway from The Rice Experience again and the teriyaki chicken rice tasted quite nice but was definitely not very filling.

A cute girl went to the gym with her aunt and we were all stunned by her age because she looked much more matured. I had my gym workout for a while before Tze Khit looked at his websites and asked me for more amendments. It took quite some time for me to work out how the web submission forms were coded. Bobby was very hungry and we ordered two pizzas and bread.

After reaching home, I quickly submitted my complain email to the IMM’s web submission.


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