Movie Night (Joei’s Birthday) at Zaki’s Place

[Friday, 4 June, 2010]

Friday morning, I struggled with my second bowl of fried rice. It was supposed to be my dinner but I took my supper outside and thus I had to finish it before my mum started nagging.

My main delivery of the day was numerous outdated blog posts.

I arranged with Hirman to pick me up on his way to Zaki’s house but Jenne was coming over to purchase a cake at the Amara Hotel and thus I waited for her instead. She told me she would be arriving at 6.30pm but she was delayed for more than an hour.

We went to make the order but Jenne realised her wallet was not with her and thus she went back to her car to search for it. I made the payment, signing off with my Go! card for the first time. Since she did not look very happy after her stressful day of work, I felt quite unsafe to talk much. She drove and overtook countless cars on the busy road and I was very worried for I was holding onto the cake.

Zaki, the chef, was cooking in front of all the hungry people who were chewing chips. It was to my horror that the main ingredient was beef. In order not to trouble anyone, I had a very plain dinner.

Cleaning the dishes was fun. Next was the cake cutting session for Joei but since Hirman had earlier on exposed Jenne’s location without knowing, it was no longer a surprise for Joei.

Everyone left except for Hirman and I.


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