MSN Windows Live Messenger Multiple Webcam Removed

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It has been more than a fortnight since I wrote the article on No More Multiple Webcam Chatting in MSN and I have been receiving a lot of traffics from web queries regarding it. It reminds me time is dashing fast as more MSN Windows Live Messenger users are going to download and install the latest version of the chat messenger (currently Version 2009 Build 14.0.8117.416) and start wondering the lost feature.

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Yes, for those of you who are still figuring out how to do the multiple MSN webcam, you can jolly well forget about it for now because the team of MSN Windows Live Messenger is going to drop it in its feature list in future, and this is what many users and I mean as “downgrade of Windows Live Messenger”. Therefore, please stop searching for the “Show my webcam” or “View my webcam” button.

At least for now and future, you still get to do webcam with your contact using the Video Chat feature.

To summarise the difference between Webcam and Video Chat:

Features / Highlights Webcam Video Chat
Multiple windows Yes. You can do webcam chat with a large number of friends at the same time. You can also view as many webcam as you like without having your own webcam. Both subjected to bandwidth though. No. You can only chat with a party at a time.
Cross usage of Webcam and Video Chat No. Once you are using Webcam, you may have multiple webcam windows but you cannot use Video Chat. No. Once you are in Video Chat mode, you cannot even view other people’s webcam.
Sound No. There is no sound streaming, which means you and the other party cannot hear each other’s voice. Yes. There is sound streaming and both you and your friend can simply chat without using the keyboard. Both of you can also mute any party’s sound.
Video Quality Reasonable, depending on both party’s internet bandwidth. Better than Webcam chat usually. Larger amount of frames are streamed and thus it is more realistic.
Bandwidth Webcam chat requires less bandwidth. It is more usable when one of the parties has low bandwidth. Video Chat requires much larger bandwidth for the better video quality and inclusive of the sound streaming. However, if either party has a low bandwidth, it may result in disconnection.

MSN Windows Live Messenger team is removing the Webcam feature in their development as to concentrate on the Video Chat feature. This will greatly affect more MSN webcam chat users and soon, more users will be spending hours trying to figure if their chat software is corrupted or their windows are invaded by virus. As they start googling for the problem, it will take some time for them to figure out about the new development of the MSN team after viewing all the pages about how McAfee Antivirus software has conflicts with the messenger. This is a true experience of mine, and now I’m still feeling so silly about the hours of time I have wasted.

Seriously, the MSN Windows Live Messenger team needs to develop the Video Chat feature such that the MSN software allows multiple webcam chat windows as to please many users; otherwise, it is totally a wrong move to remove the Webcam feature.


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