New Air-Conditioner Installation

[Friday, 11 June, 2010]

When my mum got home, my brother was sound asleep. He did not mention about his new plan for moving the furniture as his girlfriend came over and we could not squeeze into his bedroom. Hence, my mum and I decided to do the moving after waking up.

I did not sleep early and my mum woke me up at 12.30pm to my shock since the air-conditioner men would be arriving at 1pm. It was not a good time for lunch. We managed to push the furniture in time, however, I was right that the bed and my younger brother’s tall cabinet had to be moved as well, and the workers helped us; I felt quite embarrassing having them to do the extra work.

While the two young men were reinstalling the air-conditioners, I swept the floor regularly to prevent the broken concrete from causing injury as they had to drill a hole in the wall and cutting the cable’s casing. Other than that, I was standing around, trying not to block the way. Needless to say, I could not work on my laptop since my working area was occupied by the mattresses and other furniture.

The work was completed near evening. My elder brother returned soon after to help moving the furniture when I was exhausted from the famine and probably standing around plus the lack of sleep.

We started ordering for food soon and the three of us ate inside the bedroom, laughing over the new temporary arrangement of the furniture. We had to move them back to probably the old places upon my younger brother returned and it was a hassle. The latest problem was that the television set with the fan on top was blocking the windows and I was too lazy to open it during the day.

There were quite a number of things I learned from the entire air-conditioner purchasing process until the end of the installation, which included the common tricks of the salespersons.

I was pinning very high hope on the new system that the electricity bill would be greatly reduced, however, I was also afraid of the higher excess usage of it.


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