Photography with Hot Babe and Hunk

[Thursday, 24 June, 2010]

The updating of blogs took me hours and by the time my sleep devil stopped refusing me to doze off, it was daylight.

Both my brain and movement were slow in the morning. I was supposed to meet Vanessa at 12.30pm but I was late for around fifteen minutes in my zombie-like pace. Nevertheless, I waited at Boonlay MRT station’s platform for more than half an hour for the hot babe.

We went to Tanjong Pagar market for our lunch. I was glad that she was more than easygoing and she got so excited while eating the famous ice kachang. We went to Tze Khit’s gym and started the photoshooting. I was at a lost since I was a newbie in handling DSLR camera and had never tried focusing on both model and equipments. The three of us managed to get things done eventually.

Le Tian arrived later. The four of us left for Bras Basah to pick up the gym posters and purchase some hard board. After that, we took our early dinner at the foodcourt. Le Tian left to meet his friends at Bugis whereas Vanessa went to Raffles’ City to shop before meeting her friend. I felt bad to let her go alone and having to travel to the west by herself.

I followed Tze Khit back to the gym. Diarrhoea hit on me and I had to wait for some time to do some simple workout.


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