Preparation for Air-Conditioners Installation

[Thursday, 10 June, 2010]

On Thursday, just as I was considering over how to resolve the matter of the bad incident at IMM, their staff called me and offered to send their delivery man over. I could see that they were doing something about their negligence and thus I did not want to pursue about the matter anymore and accepted their offer. My complain letter was a victory, though the result was not the most satisfying one.

The most fruitful thing I did for the day was a little tidying up of my house in preparation for the next day’s air-conditioner installation. There was nothing much I could do for the bedroom since I did not want to start moving the furniture alone and end up worsening my back’s condition; moreover, I needed my family’s consent in the placement of the furniture. Therefore after finishing the living room’s area near my work area, I merely tried to unplug all the power cables to make sure the items were easier to be moved when necessary.


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