SmokeForWhat Remake

[Saturday, 26 June, 2010]

I basically spent my entire Saturday working on the new design of after scribbling the layout on my recycled paper days ago. It was nothing fantastic but the new design was more formal compared to the draft design I did on the live site.

I was lack of images that owners would not forbid me from using due to copyright problem. Although it was a non-profit site and such issue could be more relaxed but I did not want to create issues in future.

I was very surprised when dear chio Vanessa hit me up in MSN to tell me about her recent impression on a website that reminded her of It was so coincident that I was sticking my butts on the bed for the entire day to do something about it and she came to tell me to do it as well.

I was too focused on my work to do anything else. The greatest problem was the dropdown menu, which I had not touched for long. I basically used the same technique as my personal website to do it.

Nevertheless, it was a better web design experience this time when I was not totally alone.

Dinner was KFC.


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