The Injuries were still There

[Thursday, 3 June, 2010]

I had gaming till 5pm and it was difficult to wake up even at 10am. I made it to Tiong Bahru before 12pm but shifu was late for quite long. She introduced me to her friend, Jeremy, and Jeremy’s student. They went separately for lunch while shifu explained to me about Jeremy’s websites.

After lunch, I went straight to Tze Khit’s gym. He told me of additional amendments for his websites and I started working on it. It was difficult to edit another person’s work and I had problems searching for the exact files.

While working, I was distracted by the noisy gym. Then, Jeremy started asking me questions and soon, Kachua called and visited the gym. Since I had my sports gear with me, I skipped doing gym and joined Kachua for volleyball instead.

We went to Clementi ITE and I was quite surprised to see many ex colleagues’ cars around. We went to IMM since the hall was empty and I grabbed a Mc chicken burger.

Upon returning to the hall, we heard about story of Mingfa’ student fell and was injured by the hook of the volleyball pole near the private part. Everyone was disgusted. Mingfa was not around and I accompanied coach to chat. I joined in only at the third game and could see myself rust like as if I was a newbie. I was strengthless, or rather, having phobia with my hurting left should and foot. I even missed two serving, which was crappy.

Luckily, Weitat asked me over to the side to warm-up and I got more used to controlling the ball – usually, we had too many people playing with a ball by the side and I would not want to join in. However, the hurt on my left shoulder was too unbearable each time when I exerted it.

I played as setter in my third and last game, and turned the table around after being thrashed in the previous games without Mingfa.

After the game, we went for supper near NUS, next to the prata shop.


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