The Most Disastrous Day as Anticipated

[Friday, 18 June, 2010]

It was a stressful morning somehow for my anticipation. I had a chat with shifu over the phone to find out more about Jeremy’s website. It was a gaming morning again with my elder brother.

In the afternoon, I set off to Jeremy’s house at Strathmore Avenue and thought I would be late. However, he had gone out and I reached before he returned. The millipedes and ants at the void deck were irritating.

I showed him the draft design I had done for him. Then, he showed me a website that he was interested in and that almost solved the problem of the designing part. However, he told me he did not know about the requirements of the pages. I was almost killed by the cigarette smoke a few times. He showed me his work and I was quite envious of his mini studio with the music equipments; I did not even have a room of my own.

Shifu called him and asked for the progress while she was nearby. When he told her that we were waiting for her for more instructions, it got heated up. Shifu thought that it was totally his business and he should know everything, whereby, he thought shifu was the one who gave him all the ideas and she knew best what was happening. I was in a very awkward and tough position. The phone was loud enough for me to understand the entire situation and Jeremy repeated the story a few times to clarify his innocence. Shifu made her way off before coming up.

I went to the gym straight away. This time, I did work out after Tze Khit drafted a training schedule for me. It would not be long that I would probably stop once I got myself a new job and finished all the work for him. There were quite a few reasons I should not be going there often.

Since my mum did not cook, I went for late dinner with them at Maxwell Food Centre.


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