The Worst Encounter at IMM

[Monday, 7 June, 2010]

The main goal of the day was to go down to IMM to redeem our free gift for purchasing the air-conditioner.

I focused well in the afternoon to update Tze Khit’s websites but it was tough to change another person’s work. The solid two plus hours saw me doing great but amount of work was too much.

I set off with my mum at 6pm to meet my brother and his girlfriend at Tanjong Pagar MRT station. We transited to the IMM shuttle bus at Jurong East. The worst thing that could happen simply fell on us and after queuing up at the Customer Service counter, the lady told us the shipment for the gift was delayed. We tried to ask for the beach chair instead of the bag but the lady refused for it was meant for purchasing after 4th and we bought the air-conditioner much earlier. The thought of returning to the place again specially for the gift pissed everyone off. I was the most furious of all since I could not tolerate such crap from a big company who did not inform us earlier.

We had a bad dinner at the food court. The food was really nasty and I had the worse sweet and sour pork meat ever.

After that, we went back to the All Best shop to see if they could reissue the receipt for us but the boss’ mum was busy and the guy at the counter rejected us. We went to the management office at level 4 but it was empty. We decided to drop them an email then.


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