Unlucky Day of Rotten Food

[Sunday, 20 June, 2010]

I was pissed off by the Command and Conquer game’s AI. After the game, my brother and his girlfriend went for supper and I chose to sleep earlier since I was lack of sleep. I managed to doze off soon after they returned.

In the afternoon, the three of us went to Maxwell Food Centre for a Thai food stall but it was not opened. We decided on the only chicken rice stall but the half chicken they gave us were full of fats. Usually, I did not mind taking the skin but its fats simply turned me off this time. The meat tasted lousier than normal chicken after scrapping off the fats.

We went to the NTUC supermarket for a while before going home.

Since we took our lunch late, we went for dinner at around 9pm. My mum suggested MacDonald’s at first but she claimed she was joking after we reached somewhere near the NTUC, at the main lobby. She wanted to go to Chinatown but it was already quite late and we went against the idea.

Instead, we went to the coffee shop at Cantonment Road, at the bottom of Yan Kit Road. We ordered three plates of food from the seafood stall and also twenty sticks of satays from the Malay stall. Just as we were wondering why the next empty table had a plate full of uneaten satays and there was only an empty stick on the table, we got to know our answer soon when ours arrived. The satays were actually overdone with burnt parts and they were marinated with weird sauce.


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