Visit to ITE Choa Chu Kang

[Wednesday, 23 June, 2010]

My eyes were unusually tired in the morning and I tried to make good use of the opportunity to doze off early. However, I remembered the air-conditioner’s warranty submission was going to be dued, and thus I had to start penning. Mitsubishi was cool for they provided an envelope that said addressee would pay for the stamp fee. However, All Best’s warranty was a postcard that required stamp and I found that troublesome.

After everything was done, I started dozing off but I woke up within less than an hour later. I could not doze off again and thus I joined my brother in the World Cup game of France against South Africa. France was pawned. Though I had no special liking in them, I still felt reluctant for the once champion team to not even get into the top 16.

A bad stomach was one of the main causes that made me unable to doze off.

I made my virgin trip down to ITE Choa Chu Kang. It was a long journey and I hated transiting from the East-West line to North-South line and finally to LRT.

The first thing I looked for was the toilet. After chatting with Mdm Seet for some time, I managed to survive to reach the toilet. After that, I went to find Diana before going down to meet Joy and Weitat at the foodcourt. After walking around the foodcourt and meeting familiar faces, I finally bought a bowl of liang doufu. Diana joined in and later, Juliana came with another section head. Weitat and Joy left and I felt quite awkward sitting down there.

After lunch, I went up and got to see Mei Hoe. She showed me around the campus but since it was raining, we could not get over to the sports complex, which I was most interested in. Magdalene arrived next and I went around with her together with Joei and Weitat. After that, Joei and I sat onto Weitat’s car to lead Magdalene to Yew Tee.

I went off with Mei Hoe to Choa Chu Kang and took our dinner at the coffee shop near the interchange.


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