Website Madness and Facebook Marketing

[Wednesday, 30 June, 2010]

I could not stop updating There were too many things I wanted to add in but I was never at my full efficiency to hit them with the frequent random thoughts of ideas for other projects. A jobless person with his mind full of only non money making stuffs was probably insane. I hated myself but I could not control myself. I slept after 7am.

In the afternoon, I saw disappointments after logging into the internet. Facebook disabled administrators of the pages from creating new status post after twenty thousand fans were hit. It was crap and would only lead to people deserting the page without the frequent updates.

A call from the polyclinic for my mum quite worried me for they wanted her to go down to talk about her blood test results. It had happened quite a few times before but luckily there was no major problem.

I went down to the third level with my mum to pick the design for the interior of HDB upgrades. After which, I went straight to the gym to help them to take care of it for a while as they needed to leave for some stuffs.

I concluded that the gym was never a good place to do my work at. It was not the noise or people walking around, but the viewing at my work and borrowing of the laptop. Internet access was limited at times since they insisted that the router made connection speed slow.

I joined Shaohui and Junzhe in their workout. The continuous second day of gym made me weaker. By the end of it, I was exhausted.


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