Botak Huiting for Hair For Hope 2010

[Sunday, 25 July, 2010]

I reached my peak of drinking at times but the sweating reduced the impact that I was able to consume more than usual. Hirman tried to push me to hook up with girls but it was never in my mind to get to know girls in club, moreover, I had never approached girls face to face before.

As everyone started to weaken down, we left for supper at a coffee shop near Bugis Junction. I had only a cup of milo. Hirman’s friend, Jeremy, brought him home. Amy hitched a cab first and travelled towards East. Joei and I shared a cab and she dropped me at Tanjong Pagar.

It was 4+am and I started to feel the effects of bottoming up. My mum was asleep, while my brother and his girlfriend were fishing outside. I started chatting with Vanessa in MSN. Meanwhile, in my drowsy head, I uploaded the photos taken at Shenton Way earlier. I went to sleep at 6am in case my mum would get to see my reddish face and body. As hard as I tried to keep my eyes shut in the drowsiness, I failed badly.

I got up for breakfast when my mum returned with my aunt. I finally got to eat half boiled eggs but it was not as tasty as I expected. The wantan noodle was spicy and I gave up since the alcohol seemed to have affected my throat. Huiting replied my SMS at 11am, telling me she was already at Vivocity, and I started preparing myself.

I met a very weird old guy at the bus-stop who changed seats twice, and he was besides me eventually, whistling shit. Luckily, the bus arrived not long later before I could roar at him. He even got to rush to become the first to board the bus and whistling his way throughout the journey like a moron. In Singapore, there were so many cases of mild mentally disordered people travelling around that I was quite irritated at times.

I met up with Huiting and took a picture with her finally after knowing her for more than two years. It was always a delight for me to take picture with babes, especially those with really beautiful hearts. As she went to register for the Hair for Hope 2010 event, I went to the basement with her three little classmates. They chose to dine at Super Dog and I gave it a miss since I had my breakfast not long ago.

After that, we went up to catch Huiting and started queuing up together. More of her friends arrived and she was a star. She even received a board of photo and messages from her class to show their supports for her. Somehow, I was quite nervous since the place was quite crowded to get a good photography spot and that I had not tried the lighting inside the shopping centre. I could not get a good position as she was sent to another side of the stage for her haircut where it was partially blocked to get a good angle.

Her classmates left after the “after” photography session. I had no plan and thus I followed her and her cousin to find her friends – YongJun and Yongbin. We ended up walking to Breeks at HarbourFront Centre for tea. I was hungry but since none of them was eating, I skipped my food. After that, we walked around as I wanted to get her a cap to show my support but we could not find a suitable one after roaming around the two shopping centres. Her friends left after we visited the pet shop and both of us went down to meet up with her other friends before we went in search of a place for dinner.

We settled down at Fig & Olive. After taking our orders, I went to the toilet and also to withdraw money from the ATM machine at Harbourfront Centre. I crashed into Tingfeng on the way back. I was not as noisy as before for my brain was numbed and that I did not know her friends well. I had fish and chips as usual and it was not really good. One of her friends was very interesting and his appetite was excellent. After dinner, we did a little shopping before closing the day.

I accompanied Huiting to the bus-stop to wait for her bus and in order not to cause any misunderstanding, I did not offer to send her home. I had failed badly to act accordingly to my will for the past few outings, as I really saw the need to see female friends home to make sure they were safe.

After reaching home, I dozed off for some minutes while waiting for my mum to clear the bathroom. While MSN seemed to be more efficient, I managed to send Huiting the photos taken by me.


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