Communication – Not with Everyone

[Wednesday, 28 July, 2010]

I had supper and cleared up the leftover food from dinner. Eventually I went to bed at around 4am.

I woke up at around 1pm, feeling puzzled why my mum did not wake me up for half boiled eggs. It was a slacking afternoon until I started clearing my desktop and updating older photos to Facebook.

It was a terrible night. Jieying messaged me in Facebook to offer me a job but she refused to even give a short brief about it, and she insisted me to meet her up next Monday to tell me the details. I tried hard to tease her, in order to force her to reveal it to me, but it did not work. Out of a sudden, her boyfriend used her phone to call me and scolded me.

She was my ex student, and definitely one of the best and closest to me. It had been more than two years that we had been exchanging craps with each other and I usually greeted her loudly by “food poisoning” in front of our friends and even strangers. We joked with each other just like most other friends, calling names and doing all the insults jokingly.

I did not know why her boyfriend would read her Facebook messages in the first place and what had gone wrong in the conversation. I did not know why she did not explain to her boyfriend about it. But it was obviously not me who initiated the talk and it was more obvious that my dear friend was being over-secretive.

I was more than disappointed in her. It was more than an insult and betrayal of trust.

It proved me the fact that I should never stick too closely to some groups of friends due to communication issues that would arouse in the long run. There were too few people in this world who could understand even my humour.


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