Could not Sleep

[Monday, 26 July, 2010]

I went to bed at 3am, but despite staying up the previous night dancing and followed by walking around with Huiting and her friends in the afternoon, I could not doze off. I tossed around for hours and even thought of giving up. It was ridiculous that I was exhausted and lack of sleep, and yet my mindful of stuffs kept me awake still.

My mum woke me up for half boiled eggs in the morning and I continued my sleep until around 2pm. After waking up, my calves were weak and there was minor muscle aching.

The afternoon was mostly about enquiring ACRA and also applying for my new passport since it expired in May. The ICA form was quite irritating for it required an installation of JAVA platform, which I thought I already had in my laptop. At the payment page, I had to download the JAVA file and had to restart the browser, and thus I had to fill up the form again. I also spent some time to browse the net for ideas how to make a shaved head look cooler.

At night, the television programmes distracted me from blogging.


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