Diarrhoea at the Gym Again

[Friday, 23 July, 2010]

I went to bed after 5am. Zaki woke me up at around 11am to ask me for my email because he was going to organise a trip during the National Day long weekend. Tze Khit dropped me an SMS that he had changes for his website again and I promised him to go down to the gym. My brunch was cereal.

I reached the gym after 1pm and he had some changes with his web form. It was hell to me and it took me some time to figure out roughly what the original script was doing but I was not able to customize it to what he wanted. After having diarrhoea, I continued with the work and provided another better solution for him. He could not believe it would take such long time to simply add another feature and I did not show the stress on my face.

Tze Khit went out for errands while I sat on the sofa and dozed off for a while. Weisheng’s phone prevented me from going into deeper sleep. The unwell stomach had caused weakness all over me, together with the lack of sleep, I waited for Weisheng to start off training at 4.30pm.

Since I was weak, I took longer breaks. I did not dare to overestimate my energy this time and I had lighter weights. The four sets of chin-ups went in the sequence of 18, 12, 10, 8. Eventually Tze Khit complained about my long rest time.

After the workout, I stayed there to chat with them since my mum had changed her mind and decided to cook just for dinner instead of late lunch. Bobby talked about me not having enough protein to replenish my wear-off muscle since I had been refusing to take protein powder.

My mum changed her mind again and she called for delivery instead. After that, I called Ouxiang to ask her about Kaelyn’s wedding and she checked it out for me, and I was stunned for I had typed too much craps in my Facebook replies that she thought I was not going to attend. I was lazy to attend wedding dinners but for great friends, I would spend the time sitting down there just to get a few exchanges of words and taking a group photo.

When I messaged Huiting, she told me there was a major change in her project and thus the website I had been helping her with the design was no longer needed.


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