Eating Crab and Prawn were Time-Consuming

[Friday, 30 July, 2010]

I was chatting with Grace and Yaozhong in MSN. After sending Yaozhong an article for SmokeForWhat to edit, I went to the MacDonald’s with my brother and mum for supper. We shared two sets of meal – fillet-o-fish and 9-piece nuggets. I was glad that they allowed us to mix the spicy and normal nuggets because my mum preferred the spicy one. I shared the burger with my mum and she took two nuggets.

After the supper, I started working on websites. I linked some of my websites together to utilise the traffic and I also added Sitemeter to SmokeForWhat as I thought it was time for a visible counter for everyone to witness the growth.

I was not in really good mood and went to bed at 5am since nobody told me to sleep early.

I woke up at around 10am surprisingly. Yaozhong messaged me and stunned me with his powerful English. I finally saw a revised article that could impress the readers with a stronger language. However, there were more to accomplish within the new page before I could upload it.

I had a very bad afternoon. I was probably just too greedy. I gave up and left my house eventually.

I met up with my old friend at Funan Centre in the late afternoon. His and his new girlfriend kept me waiting outside TCC for a while and I decided to go to the washroom at the opposite corner. While I was near the MacDonald’s, a lady stopped me by calling me by my shirt’s colour – orange. I was not sure if she was from Philippines or Thailand but obviously she was trying to sell me her beauty product from a push-cart stall.

I took the other side of the shopping mall after I came out from the toilet. Then I resumed waiting outside TCC. I was glad to see his new love who seemed to be more outgoing than his previous ones. We went inside TCC and had some slips of drinks while discussing over work. Of course, he continued to press me to find a new job.

After a little shopping around for his girlfriend, we walked towards Clarke Quay and went to the Jumbo seafood restaurant for dinner. We got a table and were told that we had to finish our dinner by 8.15pm, probably due to the long waiting list or some bookings of tables. Anyway, we made our order while waiting for his friend to join us.

Almost all the waiters and waitresses seemed to be from China, which made communication much tougher for their English were not very good. However, they were very friendly and their service skill was excellence, apart from being pleasant looking. One of them reminded me of princess.

I showed the three of them how to eat crab and prawn without using hands, but it took much longer than they could expect and my stomach was badly stuffed. That was the reason why I disliked taking seafood.

After the dinner, we headed to the MRT station. I walked home after that in order to digest; besides, I was not in good mood.


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