Photography at Ann Siang Hill Park

[Monday, 5 July, 2010]

Monday morning, I was busy with my usual blogging and editing of the website with my new photos in the supporter page, and eventually I went to sleep after 6am, after giving Tomato a wake-up call.

I woke up in the afternoon and after clearing my email, taking my lunch and lazing around, I started my photography trip to Ann Siang Hill Park. I was horrified at the beginning of the trip at the entrance when my rechargeable batteries died on me. The charger was too old and rusty that it happened often that the batteries were not charged properly.

I was quite surprised to see people walking through the park as I expected it to be more remote. My photoshooting trip ended when the spare Energizer batteries died on me. I dropped by Tze Khit’s gym when I was on my way home but I stayed for only a few minutes.

I started uploading the photos and some of them were indeed failures as seen on the tiny LCD screen of my old camera.

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