Photography at Tanjong Pagar

[Tuesday, 6 July, 2010]

It was a “movie morning” for me as I managed to catch three movies in a shot – “The Imperial Guard”, “Big Soldier, Small General“ and the “Lightning Thief”. I also got lots of entertainment from Eileen in the midst of the earlier movies. I managed to give tomato a wake-up call for the second continuous day. I went to bed slightly before 7am.

As expected, I woke up in the afternoon again. I set off for my photography trip around the neighbourhood since it was late and I could not go far. It was not a good day for shooting though since I was too sleepy. Perhaps, the old places were not so attractive to me. I still could not get a good hand of my old camera.

After the boring trip, I went to the gym and did my first session of workout for the week. Bobby was around to guide me and I was very impressed with his knowledge. It was a short stay in the gym this time for I left home once I was done with it.

Blogging killed lots of my time with the distraction from the television.


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