Phototaking at Seng Kang

[Sunday, 4 July, 2010]

Firman messaged me to do web design for his community centre. We started talking about his next day’s involvement in their event and invited me there so that I could get some photos for I agreed to it immediately since I loved event photoshooting.

I took some self photo for my resume and passport renewal photo, and one of the causal shots was quite impressive somehow. I spent some time editing photos due to the ugly wall and shadow. Eventually I slept at 6am.

I could not get up in time but luckily I targeted my timing earlier like usual. After reaching Seng Kang, I was disappointed that the MacDonald’s breakfast had not ended and thus I could not get my chicken burger. Firman called me just in time for me to get him a pair of slippers at the Bata shop in Campass Point.

I went to find him at the field near Farmway. He lent me his DSLR camera and made quite a basic and good presentation of how to use it. I took a lunch packet and the nasi lemak was quite nice.

The field was surprising wet even though it was on a higher ground, my shoes and socks were soaked soon. I got to use my old Olympus D-750 a lot and I got to appreciate it more for the ten times optical zoom to capture natural faces from far. Firman kept his promise to ask his students to post for and I could have gotten more supports if one of them did not show craps.

I went straight home at the end of the event even though I was tempted by Long John Silver’s opposite the MRT station. I hated having my feet inside the wet shoes for it would pose me great problems.

My younger brother called me from Germany using Skype and we chatted for more than an hour, such that I called for food delivery near 10pm. I had a packet of mee goreng. My mum and my elder brother got home after I finished my dinner.


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