Removing the Big Fish Tank

[Tuesday, 13 July, 2010]

I went to bed as early as 3.30am but it took me some time to doze off as usual. Surprisingly, I did not wake up before noon.

It was at 12.30pm, I checked my phone and realised Tze Khit had dropped me a message that his website’s web form was not running smoothly. I logged into the internet immediately but it seemed to be working fine for me. Luckily, he did not call me directly at 9 plus instead to disrupt my sleep.

I continued with my website until late afternoon before I went to the gym. After that, I tried to sit down to continue with the website but Bobby came to me for some photo editing. I spent some time to help him and after that, I packed up to go home.

My elder brother started removing the tortoises from the big fish tank and I saw hope in having a more spacious house.


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