Saturday at the Gym

[Saturday, 17 July, 2010]

I broke my record and went to sleep at 3am. Nevertheless, it was not easy to doze off. I woke up after noon and had lunch with my family at the coffee shop near block 7. It was taken over and managed by Food Loft. It was an interesting meal with the old drinks stall helper who screamed loudly over to the drinks stall in her high pitch whenever someone ordered a drink. The girl sitting over at the next table was quite cute.

After the brunch, I went to the gym straight away even though I noticed that I did not bring my water bottle along. It was a slacking Saturday and I wasted lots of time hanging around due to my stomach not giving me face again. After going to the toilet, I rested for a while before resuming my second training of the week. The four sets of pulls-up dropped from 15 to 12, followed by 10 and 8. After the workout, I had some usual nonsensical jokes of his old experience from Bobby together with Shaohui.

I had a very restless evening. My elder brother played Condition Zero with me for a couple of hours.


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