Scrubbing the Table Real Hard

[Wednesday, 14 July, 2010]

The day started with me scrubbing the table hard together with my brother and mum after we removed the big three feet fish tank. The stains left behind were more than just years of algae, pink and green in colours. It took almost every effort I could but not more than ten percents of the disgusting colours was removed. We sprayed liquids to soak the table before we left for supper at the prata shop.

After the meal, my brother went to clear up the bathroom while he took his bath and I continued to scrub the table with my mum’s new weapons. I began to see results in my exhaustion and at the risk of direct contacting with the mixed chemicals. I went to bed after 4am.

Andy woke me up at 9+am with his SMS. I continued with my website but dozed off a few times in the day. I was plagued with lots of dreams throughout my sleep.


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