Sunday Out with Family

[Sunday, 18 July, 2010]

I slept at 6am on Sunday morning after testing some web goodies to improve on my websites. I was quite turned off by the fact that I had a typographical error that led to wrong linking of my internal page.

I woke up late and after dilly-dally around as usual while clearing my inbox, I had cornflake. My brother and his girlfriend returned home, telling me he failed to wake me up at 1pm before they set off to Vivocity to eat.

It was a noisy evening with lots of busybody ringing up my house to talk to my mum. The entire family strolled to Chinatown Complex but since all of us were not hungry, I suggested going to the Swanston near Chinatown Centre to top up daily usage stuffs. Next, my mum dragged us to Sheng Siong supermarket further down near the court.

We eventually had our dinner at one of the seafood stalls at the hawker centre below Swanton. We were very turned off by the fact that they served us using paper plates and plastic spoons and forks. I personally disliked the fact that the staff who attended to us had to change our order for the vegetable twice because she realised it was out of stock after going back to the stall.

Is it fine to spend Sundays looking for food while shopping for both lunch and dinner?


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