The Day My Family Went Malaysia Again

[Saturday, 3 July, 2010]

It was my third time staying over at Zaki’s wonderful house. He kept the place so neat and tidy, and the furnishing was too great for a person with an absolutely disgusting house like mine. My family were going to Malaysia for durian trip over at my brother’s girlfriend’s relative place and that was why I felt a bit uncomfortable not accompanying my mum the night before they left.

I did not bring my laptop along as I was not prepared to stay overnight there; in fact, it seemed to be an impromptu decision to go over to Zaki’s house. He left his netbook at the living room and thus I was able to go online this time. The netbook was in fact a killer for the keyboard’s alignment was slightly different from a “regular sized” laptop’s, which meant a lot. I was struggling very hard to type in the darkness, by the side of the glass door next to the balcony. One of the most common key used was “backspace”.

I spent the morning replying to Huiting’s MSN messages while typing my diary in Gmail. Afterwards, I used Gmail to store a story written for SmokeForWhat.comMy ex girlfriend is a smoker.

I went to the toilet at around 3am when I was ready to sleep but I was horrified by the fur all over my jeans. I was raped by the mat that Zaki’s cat, Pika, always rested on. I spent more than ten minutes inside the toilet to pluck the fur off from my jeans.

Hirman had wrapped himself up with the blanket and thus I used a big cushion to protect me from the cold air sent down by the fan on the ceiling and right in front of the air-conditioner. I could not doze off. After some time, Hirman woke up to witness my unglamorous hideout and I was glad to be able to sleep properly under the blanket. I dozed off soon.

We woke up at around 7+am. Hirman and I left after 8am since Zaki was going to accompany his parents. We had our breakfast at the nearest TCC. I was actually eyeing for half boiled eggs and it almost caused me to drool in my sleep. Nevertheless, the TCC in the building of NAPFA was quite stylishly furnished and it was not a bad idea. We sat there and chatted. We shared our views and we both agreed strongly to the fact that our group of angels were people without hidden agenda and thus it made us so comfortable to hang out with.

He dropped me at Bugis Village and I rushed to the nearest toilet after crossing the road. It was drizzling and it was probably not the best idea to change my mind and take bus instead. I reached home at around 11am and the house was empty. I called my mum but she did not pick up the call and I knew they had left for Malaysia. After bathing, I dozed off.

Magdalene woke me up at around 2pm in the afternoon. It was the second time she woke me up within two days but I was glad that she did that before I woke up totally strengthlessly due to famine. She had nice appraisal for me after she saw me in the drama “Your hand in mine”, which she had recorded and was viewing with her daughter.

I went downstairs to get myself a packet of carrot cake before going up to continue with updating of

At night, I called for delivery for a packet of Malay fried rice.


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