Windows Live Messenger Wave 4 Beta

[Monday, 19 July, 2010]

I slept at 5am and my mum woke me up at around 8am to run errand with her. After that, I had fishball noodle for breakfast and went to the bed again at around noon.

In the late afternoon, I started figuring out about MSN again. This time, I took a daring try on the Windows Live Messenger Wave 4 Beta version. I realised Microsoft Silverlight was installed without prompting. The new MSN was able to integrate Facebook with all the updates. Somehow I was not used to it and I seemed to have messed up a few of my contacts while using the new merge account function in the live website. It was complicated.

At night, after catching the 7pm show on channel 8, my family and I went down to the Food Loft’s coffee shop for dinner and we tried the seafood stall; it was much better than the one at Chinatown.

The return trip was a unpleasant one for my mum insisted to hurry home to carry some old clothes to the garang guni near the rubbish bin collection point. I helped her since it was heavy and when we reached there, the lady said she did not want to collect anymore clothes.


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