Zaki’s Advanced Birthday Celebration

[Friday, 2 July, 2010]

I was crazily working on SmokeForWhat again and slept at 7 plus in the morning. Magdalene woke me up at 9+am to inform me that we were going to have early dinner with Zaki at 5.30pm. I could not doze off after that and thus I went online. There was a spam mail from Weitat and I quickly informed him. After some time, I finally managed to doze off.

I was woke up in the afternoon by my neighbour’s shouting. She had difficulties in walking and her dog ran out of the house when she was going out for treatment. I went out but she was actually blocking the corridor that wasted quite some time for me to go over to find the dog. Luckily, the dog was shivering at the stairs nearby. It was raining heavily and the dog was afraid of thunder. It was my first time carrying a dog with great fear because she had just done her operation and her stomach was still in stitches.

I went to 313 Somerset to meet up with my ITE buddies. It was Zaki’s advanced birthday and we gathered at Marche. The entire shopping centre, including the restaurant, was a babe-sighting heaven. I was so distracted by sweet faces walking around. Hirman’s hyperactiveness made the night with lots of laughers.

After the dinner, Hirman left in Magdalene’s car to pick up his from Orchard Tower. The rest of us went up to try to adjust Zaki’s new watch but it was too bad that his wrist was far too small. I was quite stunned by one of the shop assistants who looked nice. Next, we went to Centre Point and Joei got herself an item for makeup. Then, we waited outside for the drivers who were caught by the traffic jam.

I took Magdalene’s car together with Zaki whose house was too near for him to drive over. The birthday boy started making tea for us and it smelled awesome but the taste was not as superb as expected. We started playing Monopoly Deal when the rest arrived and it was an interesting game. Jenne arrived soon and we stopped the game once Zaki pawned us.

We began the cake-cutting session and it was fun. I was shocked by Zaki when he proudly stated that he had nothing more to wish for. He had houses, car and money, girlfriend and a stable job; though he did not own all the best things in Singapore, he was being so appreciated and contented with his life. I supposed having a bunch of true and no hidden agenda friends was another great achievement of his life.

After that, we played the DVD – Ugly Truth. Hirman dozed off halfway as expected as he claimed that his contact lens were too dry. I missed a part of it because Chua called me after he saw my scene in the latest episode (170) of “Your hand in mine” on channel 8.

It was at 11 plus, everyone started to leave and I hesitated for a while before deciding to stay behind to accompany Hirman, who continued with his sleep.


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