I Needed a Place to Sleep

[Monday, 30 August, 2010]

After blogging, I tried to sleep after 5am but it seemed difficult. My mum had piled up the side of the mattress with her stuffs and she had been sleeping over my mattress, leaving half to two-third of a single mattress for me. I felt uncomfortable for I did not want to hit her accidentally and thus I could not flip my body. Moreover, she slept sideway and faced me with her weird snoring. Nevertheless, my weird stomach worsened the situation.

I got up at around 7am, feeling so in need of a portable bed frame. However, as I started my laptop, I remembered the fact that there was no place even for the living room. Half hour after seven, I SMSed Tze Khit to check if he had reached the gym, however, he replied me that he wanted to catch some sleep there and thus I did not go over. I went to bed again before 9am when my mum was up.

I woke up at around 3pm. I went online to research a bit about my new website. After my younger brother returned, I started into planning of the design on paper. The television distracted me but it was good enough to get started.


The Sunday Family Day Again

[Sunday, 29 August, 2010]

I was working on SmokeForWhat with some distraction in between, and finally went to sleep after 6am, feeling accomplished.

I woke up at around 2pm. my mum was not at all and my elder brother went to the EXPO with his girlfriend for the Watson sales. I caught a movie on channel 8 with my younger brother while doing my work. After the couple returned, my younger brother and I went to the Subway at Amara Hotel for our late breakfast.

We share a footlog bread, which was the twelve inches one. There were tables outside and there were a big group of young people who seemed like people working for MLM even though they did not dress up very formally like the usual idiots. They were discussing things and soon started talking over their mobile phones, and finally, we saw some products on the tables.

Apart from the great distraction of the suspicious group of people outside, inclusive of a couple of more than average looking girls, I had discussion with my younger brother over my ideas on websites. He agreed that it was a waste of my talent to go to companies and start working like crazy for them. Since it was late and my mum was reaching home, my younger brother decided not to continue studying there anymore.

After reaching home, before I could warm my seat in front of my laptop, my family was ready to leave the house for dinner. We walked to Chinatown Complex and ordered a fish head and a plate of chicken for our dinner. After that, we went to the CK departmental store, followed by the NTUC near my house.

After reaching home, I removed the ugly stuffs sticking on the wardrobe’s doors before my younger brother started to shift the doors to position the mirror at the far side. My mum started clearing the kitchen’s wardrobes.


Sad that I was Right

“The overall speed of responses signifies the value of you in a person’s heart. Know where you stand and learn to let go; quit being a clown.” – I was right all along.

This morning, some truths finally came into light. Sometimes I got so disheartened by my sharpness for I could see the appreciation from friends easily. There were always reasons why some things had happened and why some people would neglect you.

I did my usual blogging and eventually I dug up some songs that went missing somehow. Before I went to bed at around 5am, I began a bit on a new page for SmokeForWhat.

I began with work soon after waking up at around 2pm. I almost forgot it was a Saturday.

In the evening, I dropped Bianhong a message to check if he had seen my email to him days ago that I had attached the amended design for him. He finally called me back to confirm that he was satisfied with it and he wanted to send to the shop in a couple hours of time before it closed. I was wondering why he was not anxious about it days ago but I guessed he did not want to hurry me. It took me some brain cells to try to convince him that the draft copy that I had sent him was less than one-third the quality of the original version. In the end, I made assurance that he would be mocked by the printing company for the poor quality, and that he had to trust me, having to wait on.

I saved the finally version in the original 300 dpi quality and it took quite some time for the A2 size design to appear in JPG in the highest quality. After uploading it to MediaFire, the free file hosting site failed me yet again when the entire file went missing. I had to re-upload it but I pinned my hope on YouSendIt instead, which worked.


Pool with Guoxin Early in the Morning

[Friday, 27 August, 2010]

The day began like usual, as I was doing my usual stuffs such as blogging and web building. I finally finished up the tiny bottle of weird tasting herbal liquor that my younger brother bought from Europe, followed by filling my stomach with some cornflake. I thought I could sleep early after that.

I continued on the new page for SmokeForWhat when my elder brother gave me an url of a job. As I was trying to send my resume to the company, Guoxin responded fast in Facebook and we decided to meet up. He reached my place very soon and I was stunned by the speed. We travelled to Bukit Timah Shopping Centre and I could feel the danger in his car. When we were about to reach, he did not look at the traffic light and we could be killed if the road was not empty.

We started playing pool. Our skill differed too much and I made it too easy for him to thrash me. We were the noisiest among the three tables. We changed topics fast somehow since we had too much to catch up. We were missing the old times where the big group of us would go out together.

After that, we went for breakfast at the Prata shop near my place where we continued to chat until around 7am. I did not sleep immediately after that and instead, I uploaded the new quiz for SmokeForWhat. Eventually I went to bed at around 9am after Guoxin gave me feedbacks about SmokeForWhat.

After waking up at around 3pm, I was slacking throughout the day, surfing the net, chatting with brothers and trying out new Command and Conquer maps alone.


A Bit of Programming

[Thursday, 26 August, 2010]

I started off with my Quit Smoking Readiness Quiz for SmokeForWhat finally after having it in mind for weeks. It was more interesting than my usual work since programming was involved to give me a break from merely typing like the previous articles. Nevertheless, the usual keywords and facts researches, together with typing and formatting of the contents were required as well.

I had a couple of games with my elder brother before I continued my work till near 6am.

I spent my entire day working on the new page apart from the time I spent in the gym in the evening exercising and chatting with the bosses.


Gym without Workout

[Wednesday, 25 August, 2010]

I managed to blog before going to bed at 5am. I woke up in the afternoon.

My brothers were playing games on their iPhones. Suddenly, they decided to go to Xiao Guilin and I did not join them since I planned to go down to the gym to help them to settle their website and Bobby wanted me to help him with some designing stuffs. I was brooded over by the pending work and they were part of the hindrance for me to progress. I wanted so much to settle everything as early as possible, but new requests would continue to flock in.

I was, however, too engrossed in the television programmes, especially the YOG table tennis match because the Singapore team was taking part in it. By the time I went down to the gym after preparing my stuffs, inclusive of my laptop, it was already quite late.

I was not in a good timing since Bobby had left and Tze Khit did not plan to stay for long. Andrew was around and thus I got into long conversation with him, together with Le Tian who occasionally dropped by the resting area. We talked about work and relationship. Both of them agreed that guys should play a bit of tactic towards girls, but I preferred to go natural. Since there was nobody other than John around, I decided to leave with Andrew. It was the first time I did not do any workout after bringing my gears along.

Back at home, I started trying out new Command and Conquer maps with my brothers and we ended before midnight.


New Article up For SmokeForWhat

[Tuesday, 24 August, 2010]

My brothers and I went to the prata shop for supper. I was disgusted by a Chinese old and plump uncle who held onto his lighted cigarette while walking into the toilet and then standing in front of the stall to order his food. I was totally disgusted with the laws in Singapore because minor offences were simply included just for the sake of displaying.

When we were near home, my mum called and we waited for her before going home. Even though my younger brother did not have school, he wanted to sleep early. My elder brother and I started playing Command and Conquer together, and later, we went to search for more maps. Eventually, we played an uncommon map together, following by taking some mee hoon cooked by my mum.

Before I could doze off, the sickening construction started again. The drilling sound pissed all of us off and it happened to start so early in the morning for the second day, and yet afternoons were all quiet.

I woke up at around 3pm. I was surprised that my younger brother had gone swimming without me because I asked him to swim together before he went to bed. After checking my phone, I realised both Tze Khit and Bobby had called me. They told me it was regarding the NETS payment for the gym. Before I could eat anything, my mum wanted me to accompany her down to carry stuffs. I was having a little gastric pain but I did not want to displease her. We met up with my younger brother at level one and collected the stuffs.

I spent lots of time going through my new article for SmokeForWhat. It took me months to start into it and almost a week to complete it because of all the distractions and other undesired commitments. After Hazel went through it once, I was finally confident enough to upload it.


The Turtles were Gone

[Monday, 23 August, 2010]

It was not a present morning to start off with. It was really annoying to have someone replying messages every half or one hour. I went off to bed at 4am in my disappointment.

Early in the morning, the noise of the construction work woke me up. My younger brother who slept much earlier than me was complaining about it too. I managed to get back to sleep after some struggling and woke up in the afternoon.

Due to the interruption in my sleep, I felt sleepy throughout the day. My elder brother set of to release his two turtles. Even though I did not like them since they were really dumb and irritating, and taking up spaces, I did not feel totally good having to see them parting the house.

It started raining and thus I did not go down to the gym. Instead, I spent the time working on my stuffs.


Family Day at Sentosa Palawan Beach

[Sunday, 22 August, 2010]

I had a few outdated blog entries and thus I glued myself in front of the laptop until 5am despite having to wake up early. My younger brother woke me up after 9am and I was seeing stars as I got up and packed my stuffs.

We went to aunt’s house together with mum. Then, the four of us went to the Chinese temple to offer incense joss-sticks to our late family members. It was the first time I visited the temple after many years. After that, we went back to aunt’s house to eat and rest for a while before setting off to Harbourfront Centre. Since we were early, my younger brother went to get himself a pair of slippers.

I went to the toilet and Bianhong started calling me to feedback about the work I designed for his girlfriend’s birthday present. The reception was bad and it got cut off before I could make my way into the cubicle, but soon, he called back again. I did not want to tell him where I was since I did not want more causal questions. I hinted to him that I wanted to put down the phone but he was opposite to my usual sweet and short approach of handling things. My elder brother called me and I guessed he had arrived with his girlfriend, but I was too busy to switch over to entertain a second call before I could finish doing my business. After Bianhong put down the second call for nearly six minutes later, I checked my phone to see my younger brother’s SMS that he was waiting outside the toilet for me. A few seconds after I replied him, my mum who was beside him called me directly to deliver the same message. It was a totally bad start of the day.

The four of us went to meet up with the couple at the bus interchange and boarded the bus directly to Sentosa’s Beach Carpark. Since my mum and aunt wanted to collect their membership cards for the Resort World, my elder brother “deposited” his trolley besides the Sentosa membership sign up counter before we boarded the monorail to the Resort World station. It was my virgin visit there but since we were worried about the trolley, we did not walk around and started going back to the Beach station. Luckily, the trolley was still around.

We went to the Palawan beach and it was quiet despite it was already 2pm. The weather was hot and we started setting up the mini tentage. The volleyball was tempting and I missed the days I used to frequent the beach often with my volleyball gang. My younger brother started flying his mini kite bought in Europe and he got his feet blisters soon. After that, we decided to move over nearer to the sea since the breeze was strong over there. While my younger brother went to swim, my brother bought a normal kite on his way to 7-11 but it was a horrible experience. The kite was kind of weird and we could not fly it despite trying all ways to tie it. After wasting lots of time, we left the place in the late afternoon. On our way out, we got to play with some dogs.

We had our early dinner at Seah Lm food centre, which was right in front of the interchange. I took fried prawn mee bought from the extreme end besides the sugarcane drinks stall. I was disgusted at the stall owners for their attitude really sucked to the core just because they had good business to bother much. I was polite to them still, but I knew it was the last time I was going to buy food from them, and they were going to lose more customers soon.

After taking our dinner, my aunt left home by herself since she disliked staying out late. The rest of us went back to the same shop that my younger brother bought his new pair of slippers. My elder brother got himself one pair as well. Then, we went to Daiso but it was crowded and thus only my mum went in to get her candies. We went to the pet shop for a while and met Lionel. Finally, we went home.

It was already near 8am and everyone was exhausted. My mum wanted my elder brother to settle the turtles by the night since she wanted to start packing the kitchen once they were gone and be ready for Tuesday. However, my elder brother suggested doing it the next day, which boiled up my mum’s blood. She was so angry that she forbade us from getting a dog for she knew my elder brother would not take care of his pets for long with all the bad past records. We were all stunned by her stubbornness once again.

My brothers and I went for early supper at the Burger King together, leaving the two women at home since they were not eating. Hence, it was an unusual combination of the supper team. The restaurant was too cold and thus we did not stay for long.


Finished Off Another Free Freelance Hopefully

[Saturday, 21 August, 2010]

As I took my lunch and dinner together in the late afternoon, I started starving soon. I went to the prata shop with my mum and elder brother for supper. After that, I continued to work on Bianhong’s photo for printing a puzzle for his girlfriend’s birthday present with distraction from the internet. I went to sleep after 7am.

I woke up at around 2pm. the nasi lemak my mum bought was cold. She added extra ingredients to my packet as she probably could not finish hers. The chicken wings were awful as the meat was difficult to chew on.

The backache I had since days ago was bothering me a lot. I did not have the mood to work but still, I managed to complete Bianhong’s picture and pending his acknowledgement. Since his girlfriend was besides him, he could not give me a reply to see if any amendment was needed.

Since Tengy finally replied me after she filtered my message in MSN the day before, and she was easily agreeable to let me use her photo for my new Facebook group, I went ahead to work on it. I also peeked into the latest article I wrote for SmokeForWhat, but my brain was not working well enough for a conclusion yet.

In the late evening, I was totally out of mood to do anything. I spent the time lying on the bed and playing Condition Zero. It was a noisy night for my family started cooking prawns and had beer. Then, they decided to go to the beach the next day.