Crushing Myself at the Gym

[Tuesday, 3 August, 2010]

While waiting for Jade’s ultra slow replies in MSN, I happened to discover new stuffs to add into SmokeForWhat. However, I held myself back since I intended to sleep earlier. It was nearly 4am when I went to bed after Jade finished off her chat with her friends.

I woke up after 10am. I had hard boiled eggs and breads for breakfast. It was never an efficient day. I finally uninstalled MSN Wave 4 Beta for it started to refuse me to webcam with Jade. I almost floated in the air but ended up with a big crushing.

During evening, I went down to the gym and started working out immediately without the usual dilly-dally. I increased the weights to exhaust myself faster. In the end, I struggled with a twenty chin-up.

I sat on the sofa to read magazine with my hands shivering. I realised gym was another way to kill my frustration, other than playing game when my foot was still hurting for a jog to the Marina Barrage.


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